This project is in it's very early stages. Every once in a while it will crash and need refreshed. None of the data is validated, don't depend on it. Please always use safe backcountry pratices! -mike


Travel in the backcountry is DANGEROUS. This website is meant to be a tool to backcountry enthusiasts, but is not designed in any way to replace topographic maps, assessments in the field, or proper training. Always travel within your ability and never ski without appropriate avalanche equipment and training. Please refer to information and current conditions from the Colorado Avalanche Information Center before traveling in the backcountry. Be aware that conditions in the backcountry are inhomogeneous and will change on a scale smaller than this site resolves. Conditions in the backcountry can change rapidly; please check the weather in advance but plan on making continuous metrological and snow pack observations as you travel. Be safe. Have fun.

About the Data


Slope data was calculated from the USGS 1/3 Arc-Second NED DEM, downloaded from the seamless data viewer in January of 2012. This website will not show topographic changes or changes reflected in the NED after this date. Slope was calculated for each point across 3 pixels, meaning the data displayed may not include variations occurring over a scale smaller than 30 M. None of the data displayed here has been validated, and should be considered at best an estimate for conditions that you may find in the field. This is extremely important to be aware of as you use this tool, please do not depend on this data alone. Field observations (by YOU) and the use of maps are still key skills in backcountry travel.

New Pow and Base

New pow was overlayed from The National Weather Service National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center's National Snow Analyses Snow water equlivilant map. Bse Pow is overlayed from their Snow Depth analysis. The overlays are currently of limited accuracy because they get distorted due to the google maps sphirical mercator projection. I've tried to shift the overlays so they display somewhat accuractly for the state of CO. I'm working on a fix for this.

About the Site

I'm not a programmer or a web developer, just an engineer who likes data and skiing. I taught myself JavaScript while building this site, so I apologize if the functionality is at all limited. Initially, my focus is going to be on content and functionality, so I’m sorry the site is ugly. This site would not be possible without the Google maps API, Maps were created using the google maps api, Maps were created using the MapTiler/GDAL2Tiles tools, Copyright © 2008 Klokan Petr Pridal, GDAL & OSGeo GSoC. I would have never been able to do this without the development help and comradery of Andrew Homeyer. Thanks to Mike Records for many great opinions from a seasoned backcountry veteran, and a true asset to the Colorado skiing community.

About the Site

Ads / Donations. This isn't a non-profit, and isn't not my full time job. I spent many nights and weekends working on this project, so any kickback I can recieve to help cover server costs and maybe buy some beers, I'll gladly take!